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Легково - База отдыха на Рыбинском водохранилище

   Fishing / Hunting Club and Tourist Base “Legkovo” (“easy resting place”) is a new development that is built alongside the southeast bank of the Volga where the river’s estuary enters the Rybinsk Sea downstream from Uglich in Russia’s Yaroslavl Oblast (Region). The local fresh waters are home to 45 indigenous species of fish including sturgeon, tasty belorybitsa, and well-liked sudak, as well as being a popular water sports’ destination that includes windsurfing and para-kiting. A selection of power vessels including boats, hydrofoil and hovercraft is available for hourly rental to pursue fishing or other activities. Professional anglers can accompany you to reveal the best fishing spots. Seasonal hunting opportunities include guided trips under the supervision of professional huntsmen to shoot wild boar and deer, in addition to game birds and traditional wild fowl such as geese or even forest turkey.  


   Legkovo is a picturesque, peaceful and traditional old-fashioned Russian provincial hamlet—now with a privately-developed new recreational centre in which to relax with your family, a close circle of friends, or even a large company of associates. The Fishing / Hunting Club and Tourist Base “Legkovo” currently offers three wooden waterfront cottages, which are each fully equipped for your intimate modern comfort.


   A traditional Russian banya (i.e. self-contained sauna, showers, kitchenette, lounge, billiard / games room) is available to accommodate a party of up to 8 people.


   The 27-room hotel, café and restaurant all provide a high standard of contemporary facilities—all with quality service focused to make your stay at Fishing / Hunting Club and Tourist Base “Legkovo” an easy, restful and thoroughly enjoyable experience.


   Legkovo is only 4 to 5 hours by car from central Moscow, 2 hours from Yaroslavl and only 30 minutes’ drive from Rybinsk. Airport pick-up and drop-off is provided by arrangement.

   Photos and videos - here.

   All enquiries by e-mail at the first instance - legkovo@ya.ru


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